Metro Detroit Family Photographer - Patterson Park

November 2, 2016

For the last nine years I have been living overseas in countries that do not experience the changing of trees. So I have been really looking forward to this year's fall season!  Now this photo was taken in the third week of October and I was a little disappointed the few days leading up to the shoot, because the all the trees in Grosse Pointe were still GREEN!  

However, there were a few trees in Grosse Pointe Park's Patterson Park that we in the early stages of changing colors, and all you need it a bit of color for a gorgeous fall picture!  


Up until this shoot I have only visited Patterson Park with my toddler to play on the toys and in the splash pad.  On occasion I have snapped an image or two of him running around.  I am so use to chasing toddlers and doing crazy things for a smile and laugh, that I have to admit, it was a real treat to photograph a family with older kids that do not require chasing!


But I have to say, I have known this family for ages and I do remember when the kids were born and chasing their daughter around for play.  I have said this many times over, but I can not believe how time flies!  As a mom, this is why family portraits are so important to me...once the time is gone, the photos and memories are all that is left!  


I am absolutely honored that I was asked to photograph them and help them add to their collection of cherished memories.