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Wall Display Product Highlight

Happy Friday! Anyone who works with me, knows that I believe photography is a three piece art - Capturing the image, Editing the image, Printing the image. When I first starting photographing clients, I simply handed over digital images and did not think much about printing. Then I had my own son, started photographing him and printing images of him - and oh my, I was not happy with what I was seeing. This experience started me on the journey to figure out and master all three piece, because in the end, if what I deliver doesn't look good on paper what is the point.

In the end, my efforts to figure out printing made be a better photographer all around. I still deliver digital images, but I make sure every client also gets a professional print from me, because I feel that if you to the effort and expense of having a session you should walk away with at least one archival quality print that looks the way I intended it to look.

Along the way I also became obsessed with how images are displayed and I found this amazing husband and wife team in the Lansing area that make the most amazing products! So much love and effort go into these pieces and they are top quality and absolutely beautiful! Yes, they are expensive, but they are unique and worth it!

Today I want to show my favorite frame of theirs - the Gratiot.

Interested in booking a session with me!


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