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Metro Detroit Maternity, Newborn, & Baby Photography

Outdoor Newborn Baby Photography

During late spring, summer and fall, Dana offers beautiful and unique outdoor newborn sessions.  For her outdoor baby sessions, she uses her favorite locations in Grosse Pointe, Bloomfield Hills and Detroit.  

While Dana does not offer full sessions outside with newborns in winter for safety reasons, for clients who purchase her Four Seasons package and have a newborn in winter, she does offer a special outdoor mini session on top of the indoor newborn session.  The goal of the newborn outdoor mini session is to capture a family shot outside in a beautiful winter setting.

She only accepts four due dates a month to ensure she is available for all her customers when the baby is born.  Please book in your second trimester or early in your third trimester to allow Dana to work with you to plan your ideal newborn photo shoot.

Story telling with the Four Seasons

Dana has found that clients that who are interested in outdoor newborn sessions are often lovers of nature and the outdoors.  They love being outside, playing with their kids outside and enjoy the raw, natural beauty of the outdoors. 

Dana loves to tell the story of a baby's development along with the passing of the seasons in her Four Seasons Packages.  These packages are all designed for each individual client depending on when they are due and what they want to capture and include in their story.  A few examples are:  Maternity (30-36 weeks), Newborn (5-16 days old), Sitting (6-8months old), Play or Family Session (15 months-2 years) -or- Newborn, followed by a session in each season -or- Newborn (5-16 days old), Sitting (6-8months old), Walking/standing (season after first birthday), and Play or Family Session (18 months-2 years)