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Grosse Pointe Child Photographer - Neff Park

So, when I was asked to do a toddler session at Neff Park in Grosse Pointe, I was stoked! For those not familiar with the Grosse Pointes, they are five small cities on Lake St Clair in Michigan and each one has its own, residents only park. Until last week, I had never been to Neff Park, and I was super excited to check it out. Wow, it did not disappoint!

Like most of the Pointes, it is full of tall trees, green grass and ivy! And in the morning hours it was stunning. With all the green, it is hard to believe these images were taken in the 3rd week of October in Michigan! When I first suggested the date, I was sure I was scheduling a fall color session...and as the date neared I was a little disappointed in our lovely GREEN trees. However, despite the trees not realizing it was mid October the beauty of the park and my ADORABLE client made this a nearly perfect session!

For most of the session it was just me and the little guy and at first he was looking all around for his 'mama'. Instead of panicking and running to find her, I told him to look for her around the tree, and to my surprise he raced right around the tree. When he came back into view I captured the photo above, Just look at that smile...and it truly was a special smile intended for his mama.

Neff Park is a perfect location for photographing toddlers, it is beautiful and has space for toddler to run around and explore. I believe my role as a photographer is not just to produce fine art to hang on walls, but also to capture and document the true nature of tots. I love locations that allow them to be themselves - curious, playful and happy. As a parent, I love photographs that capture memories of cute (sometimes annoying) things that my son use to do...

Remember when he would always run away?