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Spring Family Photo Wardrobe Planning

Last week I posted some tips on how to plan outfits for Spring Family Photo sessions in Detroit. The basic steps are:

  1. Pick a color pallet with 1-2 neutrals and 1-3 colors

  2. Think about layers for Spring since Michigan Spring weather is unpredictable.

  3. I personally like to add at least one pattern, but not more than two.

For the full tips, especially tips for layering, visit my last post.

For this example, I chose grey and cream as my neutrals, and a mix of blues and pink as my colors.

Disclosure: These are amazon affiliate links.

1. Infant eyelet dress:

2. Gauze overalls:

3. Infant romper:

4. Infant pink and blue plaid dress:

5. Infant romper:

6. Girls pink ruffle dress:

7. Boys button down longsleeve shirt

8. Pink floral adult dress:

9. Adult mens henley:

10. Women’s topper coat:

11. Infant cardigan:

12. Girls topper cardigan:


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