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Studio Newborn Sessions

Dana Rose Photography offers a variety of session types for newborns - In Home Lifestyle Sessions, Outdoor Sessions (yes, I shoot full newborn sessions outdoors from April - October) and Studio Sessions.

Studio sessions are for those looking for a more refined, posed look. They can be just for the newborns or they can include mom and dad as well as siblings. I include images shot on the bean bag and in props. My use of props is minimal as I like to keep the attention and focus on the newborn - after all they are the star of the session.

My use of props in studio sessions falls into three categories:

1. Functional props - I use bowls, baskets, beds to hold the baby in a safe yet photographic pose.

2. Story telling - I some times add small items - felted props, stuffies or sentimental items to a set up to tell a unique story. For example, many families spend a lot of time and effort on a baby's nursery. If there is a theme, I can sometime add in a cut little prop that fits the theme so that once the baby has outgrown the nursery the parents still have an image that incorporates it. Or sometimes I use small toys to represent childhood and the little things that come with it.

3. I often use fresh floral and greenery to pull in color and add depth. I love fresh florals - because, well, who doesn't? They are timeless and classic and easy to use in a way that adds a personal touch with out taking over an image.

Here are images from a studio session.

If you are interested in discussing a studio session of your own contact me today!


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