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Jeffrey's Spring Morning | Grosse Pointe Baby Photographer

Grosse Pointe baby in tulip garden

When Jeffrey arrived with his mom for his 8:30am session in April, in Grosse Pointe. It was about 55 degrees out and his mom gave me a worried look and mentioned he was a bit grumpy. Well, either the car ride, the fresh air or the stunning gardens in Grosse Pointe turned his mood around, because this little guy was one happy baby for his 30 minutes with me! He was even all smiles after his mid session wardrobe change.

I can honestly say Jeffrey was an absolute delight to photograph. Not only was he all smiles, but he recently learned to sit...and the "sitter" stage is one of my favorite! Babies in this stage just shine behind the camera! Just look at his photos!

Grosse Pointe baby in flower garden

Grosse Pointe baby in dafidill field

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