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Spring Sibling Session | Grosse Pointe Family Photographer

Honestly, I have always adored fall...the cider, the cool off, and of course the beauty of the changing trees. When I lived in Australia and Brazil, fall was something my soul longed. As a photographer, I love all seasons as they all have their unique beauty and story to tell, but I always favored fall, until this year.

Spring can be very unpredictable in Metro Detroit! But I decided to organize some spring sessions to coordinate with blooming daffodils and tulips, and only worry about the weather if I had to...and I am so glad I did! The flowers provided such a magical backdrop, which was just perfect for children, as you can see from the images of these Grosse Pointe siblings.

I especially loved capturing Will sitting on a stump, just taking in and enjoying the garden. When his mom picked up the photos, she told me that every time they pass our shooting location he asks to go back!

Grosse Pointe Boy playing in field of flowers

Metro Detroit boy in field of flowers

Grosse Pointe boy in field of flowers

Audra was such the great big sister throughout the session! Helping me get smiles from Will and pulling him in close for the sibling shots. When it came time for just photos of her, she was really excited for the twirling! I was told she even insisted on wearing her best twirling dress.

When I organized these Spring Mini's I thought this was going to be a one year thing. But I had way too much fun to only do this once! At the very least I am going to do this again next year, if not make it a yearly thing...after all I am now convinced that every parent needs to have spring photos of their children. This time of year is just too magical to let it slip by each year.

If you are interested in staying up to date on Mini Sessions, email me at and request to be put on my email list.

Also stop by my webpage to see more of my work:

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