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How to prepare for your Newborn Session? | Grosse Pointe Newborn Photographer

As a Grosse Pointe newborn photographer, I am often asked about how to best prepare for a newborn session. I thought it might be helpful for all those moms out there thinking about booking a shoot for their newborn to share the answers to my most asked questions so that potential clients know exactly what to expect from a newborn session with me.

Where is your Studio located?

My in home studio is located in Grosse Pointe Park, on the east side of Detroit. I often have clients drive over an hour to get here, so if you are on the other side of Detroit, please do not worry!

When will the session take place?

Newborn sessions occur on weekday mornings, within fifteen days of baby’s birth (or within 15 days of your due date for preemies). While I often photograph babies as old as 5-6 weeks, please know that these images may look drastically different than what you’ll find in my portfolio, with fewer poses and likely a wide awake baby.

When should I book my session?

Because newborn sessions are created in the first 2-3 weeks of life, it is crucial to get on the studio schedule long before your baby arrives. I’ll pencil you in based on your due date, and once baby is born, firm up a date for the session. While last-minute openings do occasionally occur, your best bet is to reserve your session early in the third trimester.

Are parents included?

YES! Parents and siblings are welcome and encouraged to participate in full newborn sessions. I like to do those poses first, so that you have a chance to kick back and relax while I photograph your baby. For families with siblings, I recommend that after family photos are complete, that dad takes the kids from the studio to enjoy some one-on-one time (I am happy to recommend a few fun place in Grosse Pointe for them to check out), then come back and pick up mom and baby when they are finished. This allows mom a chance to relax and enjoy some girl talk, and keeps kids (and dads!) from getting bored – it’s a win-win!

With that said, newborn shoots are not a spectator sport! The studio will be extremely warm for baby’s comfort, and gets crowded quickly. Please try to limit attendees to those who absolutely have to be there.

What should the rest of the family wear?
Before your session, you and I will sit down and discuss all the important details...colors and theme of your nursery, your decor style, and what you plan to do with images from your session. I will use this information to tailor a session just for your baby. During this discuss we will set a color pallet, and we will discuss what color you, your husband and kids should wear. New moms are even welcome to borrow tops and dresses from my client wardrobe.
How long will the session take?

If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I shoot quickly and like to keep things moving. This is not the case during newborn sessions! It takes a great deal of time to feed and soothe baby, transition between poses, and clean up any messes that will occur along the way. Plan to be at the studio for 2-3 hours for full sessions, and 60-90 minutes for petite sessions.

What do we need to bring with us? Do we need to bring props or outfits?

The only thing I really want you to bring that will be used in the session is your pacifier and a bottle if you are not breast feeding. Other than that, bring your diaper bag essentials, an extra change of clothes for everyone, and baby. The studio is fully stocked with fabric, headbands, bonnets, wraps, and props, and if I get an idea from the information you give me and the consult, I often buy special items just for your session.

During your consult, either in person or over the phone, I will ask you a lot of questions. And if there is anything you would like to tell me about you, your partner or kids, please do as it might inspire an idea, like in the photo above...the mom mentioned the dad was a Detroit Fire Fighter and so I asked them to bring his badge.

What do we need to do during the session?

Sit back and relax, read a book or magazine or take a nap! From time to time, I may ask for you to help me with something little, but that does not happen often.

Can I request a pose that I found on Pinterest?

Pinterest is so fun for planning and inspiration! However, it’s important to manage expectations when working with newborns. I suggest carefully studying a photographer’s portfolio prior to booking, and choosing inspiration images directly from their body of work. Even still, not every baby can do every pose! Size, age, and temperament all play a role in what poses will work best. I’ll do our best to create images that exceed your expectations while always ensuring baby’s safety.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes! I offer a petite newborn session that lasts just 60-90 minutes and features baby only. I also offer online gift certificates, making it super easy for friends and family to contribute to your newborn session and artwork purchase. Add us to your baby registry – it beats getting another set of burp cloths, trust me!

How do we book?

Head here to get in contact today and to reserve your place on the calendar! We typically book 2-3 months out. A signed contract and retainer are due at the time of booking.

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