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Grosse Pointe & Detroit Photographer : The beauty out my own front door

The other day while at the park with my son (yes we go to the park in the middle of winter, my little energy machine needs to be outside), I got into a conversation with another mom. She got very excited when I told her I was a photographer, as she loves photography too. Hesitantly, she asked if I had a favorite local shooting location (of course I do) and she was shocked with my answer: my own front yard! Now I could tell she was trying to figure out if I was serious or just not willing to give up the goods on my favorite Detroit photography location...she asked if I had a special garden (I don't) or a flowering tree (nope), then silence. So I decided to tell her the little secret I learned just this year...location does not matter as much as many new photographers think, nor does the camera or lens you are using either. Light and the ability to use it effectively the most important aspects in any photograph.

Of course I think a lot about locations and I am constantly looking for new spots to bring clients...but more important than the background in a photo is the light. Once I realized this my eyes were opened to wonderful 'locations' everywhere, especially in my front yard right here in Grosse Pointe Park.

All the photograph above and those that follow were taken in my front yard (except one which was taken a few houses down)...yes boring, everyday front yards in front of normal house on normal streets. Honestly, this is only scraping the surface of my front yard collection.

What I love the most, is how the same spot looks so different depending on the day, month and how I use it for each shot.

These were taken in the client's front yard.

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