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Why you need to have Detroit Winter Portraits

You may be asking yourself: "Winter family portrait? Why? I have a hard enough time staying warm during the run from my house to my car..." I hear ya, after living 9 years in Australia and Brazil, getting out in the cold is not my favorite thing either. But I can honestly say, the effort is so worth it! After all winter is a huge part of our lives here in Metro Detroit. Some of my best childhood memories are from playing outside in the winter sliding, ice skating, building snowmen and forts, and trying to make the biggest snow ball ever.

Why wouldn't we want some memories of our families out in the beautiful white stuff? As a photographer, let me tell you, nothing compares to the beauty of Winter Light, nothing! Just look at the image above. Wouldn't you love this to document your baby's first winter?

There are lots of great places in Metro Detroit that are perfect for a winter family portrait session. If you are thinking about it, do not wait, call me today to discuss the possibility! You never know we may get one last chance in March.

Tips for a successful Winter Session.

1. Wear warm layers, especially if you plan to ditch the coat.

2. Consider a location that gives you access to a place to warm up if you need it.

3. Keep the session short- even if you love the cold, being out in cold temps for a period of time brings out rosy cheeks and noses, which are not very flattering!

4. Accessorize with hats, scarves and hand knitted mittens.

5. Use a photographer who has winter portraits in their portfolio.

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