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2017 Personal Project

By the 2nd week of January, I had already flunked out of 2 photography challenges for 2017. One was a daily photo (well that was just plain silly of me to sign up for), the second was a weekly challenge with a specific assignment but to be honest most of the assignments just did not interest me.

I recently read an article about how moms are often forgotten in family photos, since they are most likely to be the ones behind the camera. Double that with being a professional photographer, and well, I am very rarely in the shots! Inspired by the two "selfies" above that I took last fall, I decided to create my own little project for 2017. I am going to "get in the shot" for at least one image a month with my little guy. So far so good, but it is only February. However, I really think I am going to stick with this one as until last fall, I had very few photos of my son and family with me in them. And the few photos I do have of my son and I or all three of us are more valuable than gold!

So far most of my photos have been taken in my own yard, it is just so accessible during the beautiful golden hours! However, I do plan to get out for some of these. If you read this and have ideas for me, please leave them in the comments! Though I hope to get one on Belle Isle, a few in Downtown Detroit, one in Downtown Grand Rapids and one on the shore of Lake Michigan.

So here they are my monthly photos:



We had a supper foggy morning and I just had to get another February image!


So of course I waited until the last week to do my March photo. The morning we went for it, it was nice and sunny out, but by the time we got dressed and were out on the front lawn, it was overcast and foggy...ugh, Detroit! I really wanted a "Milk and Honey" background for my March images, that is easy to get this time of year when the light is right, but fog totally dampers the effect. Oh well, my little was excited so we took it anyway. We have a few more days left in March, if we get a day with the right light, this just may have to be a month where I get two images!

Of course, the following day, the light was just right!

I am getting really excited for April and May. For these months we are going to venture out of the front yard and find some flowers! I am thinking of heading out to Belle Isle for the April and trying to find a park with magnolias for May...I am also planning another family photo!

Please stick around and view more of my work...and if you are considering having family photos taken this year, let's talk!

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