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Fall Baby | Grosse Pointe Baby and Family Photographer

This fall has been a bit strange here in Grosse Pointe and Metro Detroit...really warm at first then hitting us hard with cold and rain. Regardless, this time of year magic happens, funny weather and all.

Even though the leaves did not put on the same show they have the last few years, Dana Rose Photography was able to take advantage of the color we did have to create beautiful colorful images highlighting the magic that is fall. Dana Rose loves to use the passing of the seasons to help tell the story of growth and development for little ones.

This is Dana Rose Photography's second time photographing beautiful little Hazel - the first was her Summer's Magic new born session.

Grosse Pointe Baby's first fall, photographed by Metro Detroit Newborn Photographer Dana Rose Photography

And just look at her big brother! He truly is the perfect big brother...I get the feeling she will be well looked after by him in the future!

Grosse Pointe Toddler holding his baby sister

Hazel's brother is turning three! So we also used this opportunity to capture images of him...three is the perfect age for fall portraits! Toddlers love being outdoors and playing in the leaves. It really is beautiful to capture them enjoying nature, having fun and being themselves.

Want more info on a Newborn, Child or Family Session with Dana Rose Photography? Contact her now!

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