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Tips for Winter Sessions | Detroit Child and Family Photographer

Brothers playing in the fall

When October comes here in Metro Detroit, I always get a rush of last-minute calls and emails from moms and dads wanting to book a fall photography session. I use to assume that everyone’s need for fall photos was all about Michigan's fall colors, and quite often it is. Though, recently I have had a number of parents say that they really just wanted to get photos done before winter comes. Which I get, winter is cold and we too often retreat to the indoors and put things off until spring and summer. Honestly, if I were not a photographer, I probably would dismiss a winter session as well. But I have to tell you…winter has so much to offer! Whether there is snow falling, snow on the ground or just barren trees with winter’s soft pinkish light, winter is beautiful! One of the things I really love about winter and snow sessions is not many people venture out to do them, so they are unique, and I love being unique! Here are some of my favorite winter images

As a Grosse Pointe Photographer, I do understand booking a winter session with professional photographer takes a little courage as well as some planning to keep everyone warm and happy. So, I talked to some of my photographer friends and we came up with some tips to help you have a successful winter session. #1 Just Do It! If you grew up and live in a state that gets snow, it is likely that you have fond memories of getting out and playing in the winter. I personally love to tell a child’s story of growing and development with imagery showing the passing of the seasons. No Michigan childhood is complete without fun in the snow, so in my view, no photo collection is complete without winter photos! #2 “Embrace the inclement weather if booked from Halloween through March. Do little things like, add hats and cute jackets to your wardrobe.” Says Verb Photography by Angie Langford, LLC. Angie is based in Washington and has great images incorporating umbrellas, which I love!

Photo by Verb Photography by Angie Lanford LLC

#3 “Dress in multiple layers. Have a really warm coat, scarf, and mittens to pop on between photos if there is any waiting time. Bring a thermos with a hot beverage.” Recommends Amy Short from Amy Kristin Photography. And let me tell you, Amy has amazing winter images! If you are having a hard time envisioning what a winter session could look like, head over to for some inspiration!

#4 “Bring little bean bag hand warmers to keep in your pockets. Incorporate a fun blanket you can cuddle in for outside shoots. Places in a town or with lots of holiday lights make great background in the early winter months.” Suggests Shawn Gallego Photography who is located in Colorado. #5 "I am loving navy, grey, burgundy, mustard and cream for both fall and winter color schemes. And I love shopping at Kohls because they have good coupons, Maurices is great for moms, and Carters, Crazy 8 and Children's Place for kids because it makes it easy to coordinate them and they tend to sell a good selection of things that work for photo sessions." recommends Jill Stirling from J. Stirling Photography.

#6 "Florida does not get snow, but we do see a lot families escaping the snow for a winter vacation. Winter brings us shorter days and makes sunset sessions a possibility for little ones with early bedtimes. I like to recommend that parents bring a non staining, non messy snack to tide them until dinner, as it's almost that time. Apples are great as they do not leave crumbs. Just keep in mind wind is real at the beach. Know that it exists and will be a thing. The beach is a place for GREAT natural family shots. Have FUN. Let the kids explore, sneak in some snuggles while they're listening to seashells. Don't be afraid to get your toes wet. Beaches can also be cold...if your session looks chilly, hand warmers are great (you can find them at Walmart sometimes, but handier if you order from amazon). Feel free to actually dress like fall for those chilly's not often we can do that here in Florida." Suggest Mindy from Nature's Child Photography.

...I personally love the idea of having family photos taken on vacation. If you are headed down to Florida remember Mindy. Or if you are headed out to LA, look up Hulswit Designs.

#7 Help your photographer make the session fun...if the snow is powdery, toss handfuls of it around to make it look like it is snowing...and to help get some genuine smiles from your kids.

#8 To keep infant and babies warm, use merino wool under layers and alpaca sweaters, and take off coats for a a shot or two. My favorite merino wool layers for infants come from New Zealand, but amazon also carries a few. I also try to make sure babies and infants never come in direct contact with the snow so that they stay dry and warmer.

#9 While I love snow for winter should not be a deal breaker for you. Winter light has a beautiful pinkish color and the barren trees make for a really pretty background, different from most seasonal photos.

Contact me to discuss booking a Winter Session this winter in Detroit.

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