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October Outdoor Newborn Session in Metro Detroit

The last few years, October has been really warm and fall colors have come in late here in southeast Michigan. Perfect for me as it means more opportunities to get take newborn babies outside for photo shoots! I have really mastered my techniques for keeping babies warm, snugly and sleepy for their photo sessions. I provide all the clothing needed for my outdoor newborn sessions to ensure the baby is wearing the right material and the right combination of layers needed to keep them warm.

Little Selma's session was a baby only session and was scheduled for a late October evening at a location not too far from my home in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The evening temps were forecasted to be in the mid 50's, so the goal of this session was to quickly move through three set ups to capture a handful of beautiful, unique outdoor images.

The chance of rain for the day was 7%, it was suppose to get cloudy at the end of the day. While cloudy days are not my favorite type of lighting, I still know how to harness cloudy day light for beautiful images. However, when I jumped into my car and started to drive it began to drizzle. I kept driving, though I am not sure why, as I was sure I needed to cancel. I called Selma's mom, who was also in the car with her husband driving to meet me. They were driving from Clinton Township and were 5 minutes away from the location. When I heard she and her husband were already that close, I suggested that we meet anyway and see what mother nature had in mind, after all they had already gotten her all ready and had been driving for 20 minutes. I had to at least give this session a chance.

We waited together in their car, stalked our weather apps and decided the rain was not going to last long. Little baby Selma was wide awake looking around. I figured with the cool evening air and wind (I forgot to mention it was pretty a windy day) she was most likely going to be awake most of the session - some babies, find the new smells, lighting and wind stimulating and from the look of her wide eyes I was pretty sure she was going to be one of them. She was a little fussy when I picked her up, but I proceeded to prep her for her newborn session.

Once she was all wrapped up, I used one my little rocking methods that most babies love and to my surprise, off to sleep she went! The rain stopped and the sun began peeking out from the clouds - it was turning into the perfect evening for a photo session. I handed her to her mom and started to examine the light and develop a shooting plan.

I used a tree with a lot of green foliage at the base and some fall colors in the background for the first set up. We got baby Selma out of the car and she was still sound asleep and the wraps and bonnet were keeping her nice and warm. Fall sessions are often about pulling in the great

Clinton Township newborn baby outdoor fall photo shoot

Selma's mom told me her room was pink and purple and I spotted some little purple flowers in the grass for the second set up - which I really just wanted to use for one overhead picture. I just love the all tuck in and sleeping pose.

The last set up I wanted to try and unwrap her and photograph her in the cute, fuzzy, hand knitted footed pink pjs she was wearing. I always leave babies wrapped until the very end in case the act of unwrapping them wakes them up. I found a stunning stunning I did not want risk upsetting Selma before using it. So I kept her wrapped and snapped away...and good thing because this spot was STUNNING and sure enough, when I went to unwrap her she woke up!

Metro Detroit Baby Outdoor Fall Photo Session

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Dana Rose Photography | Metro Detroit Maternity and Newborn Photographer

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