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Why You Should Have a Winter Photo Session, & Some Tips to Surviving it

The outdoor temperature is starting to drop in Southeast Michigan and all of us here in Metro Detroit are starting to get ready for winter. Now, I will admit, winter is not my favorite season, but you have to admit that snow is beautiful, and even a little magical.

I know as fall is coming to an end it feels as though photo shoot opportunities are done until spring. But let me convince you otherwise!

Michigan childhoods are filled with small blessings from every season - puddle jumping in spring, summer gardens filled with flowers and butterflies, playing in piles of leaves in fall and sledding and making snowmen in winter. As moms, one of our many roles is to collect and document memories of our children and our families. As a Grosse Pointe baby and child photographer, I love embracing the seasons and using them to tell the story of childhood, the fact is, no Michigan childhood is complete without fun in the snow. Likewise no photo or portrait collection is truly complete without winter pictures.

Aside from winter being an integral part our lives, whether we like it or not, there are other advantages to having a winter photo session. The first being that sunsets much earlier than other seasons. The ideal time for a Winter Session is 4 or 5pm versus 7 or 8pm in the sumer, this is often a great time frame for babies and young children.

Winter light is also STUNNING! Due to how the sun is positioned in the sky, winter light is softer and often has a pinkish or golden yellow hue to it that really shines through in photos.

Winter photos are unique since many do not think to have them done. They also stand out from other photos because of the beautiful light and the lack of greenery. However, you do have to prepare for them a little differently than sessions in other seasons. So here are some tips to help you get comfortably through a winter photo shoot.

Coat or no Coat

Coats these days come in so many colors, patterns and designs. You easily find fashionable coats to wear for your photos. If you want to go without coats, I suggest wearing 2-3 thermal layers. Wool thermal layers are best and if possible I would try to have your base layer be wool. Then a nice heavy sweater on top.

Hats, scarves and mittens

Use these winter essentials as cute, story telling accessories. You can use them to add a bit of color or flare to your images all while helping keep yourself and/or your little ones warm.

Consider one of my Petite Snow Sessions. The goal of these sessions is to capture five images. Many sessions only take 10 minutes to complete. I hold them either while it is snowing or shortly after it has snowed. They are held in the afternoon in the hour or two before sunset. To ensure there is snow on the ground, after paying a refundable deposit, you are put onto a list. Once there is snow on the forecast or ground, I call through the list and offer you time slot. If you are not available, no worries, just wait for the next opportunity. If the whole season goes by without you being able to attend a session, your deposit is refunded.

Dana Rose Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby and child photography. She is based in Grosse Pointe and serves all of Metro Detroit, including Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Saint Clair Shores, Clinton Township, West Bloomfield, Farmington and Novi.

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