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The Brown Family | Grosse Pointe Family Photographer

Every family has a story. As a family photographer, I love meeting families and helping document their beautiful and unique stories. It is a true honor to be involved in helping capture fleeting moments in time to help moms and dads remember their little ones how they are today.

Grosse Pointe Family Photographer

I still remember meeting Megan Brown. Her son Hudson was in the same 4 year old preschool class as my son. We met at their Christmas holiday party. She was so excited to be there - I remember her telling me how she was a teacher at the school but could not be with everyone at drop off and pick up and she was so excited to meet everyone. I loved her warm smile and welcoming personality immediately! Her son was amazing. He was so sweet and well mannered.

Grosse Pointe Children's Photography

Then shortly after the holiday break, we all learned Hudson was sick...really sick. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and yes, it was cancerous. Everyone's heart was broken for that sweet adorable boy and his family. We donated to money to a Go Fund Me account, people brought them meals, the kids made a quilt, and we said nightly prayers for his recovery.

We watched his story from afar in a facebook group his parents set up to help keep people informed of what was happening with his treatments. Let me tell you, this family is amazing! Throughout the nightmare they found themselves in, they were strong and positive. They led their family through this difficult chapter of life with grace.

They are nearly two years down the road and Hudson has completed all of his treatments and all of his recent MRIs have been clear.

When Megan called me to organize this photo shoot, I was thrilled! I am often part of welcoming a newborn into a family or capturing milestones and first birthdays for babies. But capturing a boy and a family after a journey like this, that is something special and it was a true honor.

We had to reschedule the photo session a couple times because of the crazy fall weather in Metro Detroit this year, but we managed to find a beautiful sunny day. The perfect fall day to document this beautiful boy and family who have everything to smile and be happy about.

Grosse Pointe Family Photography

Grosse Pointe Sibling Photography

I adore photographing kids in fall...I mean, what Michigan childhood is not full of playing in leaves? But leaves floating away also look a bit like confetti and a celebration. One of my main goals was to get some good images of Hudson tossing leaves and he did awesome!

Grosse Pointe Child Photograper
Detroit Fall Child Photography

Grosse Pointe Mom with her kids

Thank you Brown family for coming out and having a little fall fun with me!

Dana Rose Photography specializes in maternity, newborn and baby's first year photography. She also shoots a limited number of family and High School senior sessions. DRP is located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and serves all of Metro Detroit.

Now booking newborn sessions through May 2020. Contact me today to book your due date.

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