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Four Seasons Baby Milestone Sessions | Grosse Pointe Baby Photographer | Metro Detroit Newborn

This little guy was born right a COVID 19 shutdowns began. His mom's coworkers had bought a gift certificate for one of my Four Season Packages. Unfortunately, a newborn photo session was simply not possible. To try and make up for it, I contacted one of my favorite knitters, Olivia from The Happy Knitters Basket, and asked if she could make me some footed pjs for a 3 month old. Of course she came through for me! So we started with a summer 3 month session rather than a newborn spring session. I treated his 3 month session much like a I would a newborn session by spending extra time photographing him and timing the session in a way that I hoped would end with a nap so I could get some cute sleepy baby images. Another hurdle for this session was even though I was legally allowed to work outside, everywhere was still closed down, including my favorite morning location. So I had to find another local spot. The spot I found was actually a empty lot with some overgrown bushes and trees. Not the prettiest place when walking by but the light was perfect.

For his fall photo session, he was already sitting. It was a crazy cold and windy day. He was camera shy, as many babies are around this age because they are beginning to realize the world is a big place and they are just a little piece of it. He was unsure what to think about Michigan's fall day, but I loved the way he looked right at me with those big brown eyes!

My winter sessions always happen last minute, as I wait for lovely white days full of fresh snow. Michigan's 2021 winter was a bit tricky because we had a lot of super cold temperatures. I will shoot in super cold, unfortunately I will not shooting in super cold and windy. We had to cancel the first session we scheduled for safety, but a second opportunity came quickly. He met up at a local park that has a few nice trees I like and is perfect for photographing babies this age. Again, he was either really confused as to why he was out in the cold or unsure of the crazy lady with the camera, but he agreed to sit in a few of my props and look at me. I just love this little cutie.

Finally spring made it, my favorite spring bloom location was open for business and it was time for his last session. I really wanted this to be super fun for him. The weather was forecasted to be cool and I wanted to make sure he was super warm (and cute) so I pulled out some of my 100% alpaca knits from Miou and made sure he was layered up. I also wanted to get a smile so I decided to start the session with a nice health snack in hopes that he would warm up a little to me. The little bribe worked! The ground was really wet so I needed to use props to create a barrier between him and the dampness. Of course we are not allowed to pick flowers at my location, so I like to bring my own to make it look like we were flower picking and he loved the little games we played.

My four seasons milestone packages are a great way to capture your little one's first 1-2 years - I don't require that they be done all in one year. For more information, fill out my contact for so I can give you a call!

Dana Rose Photography is located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and serves all of Metro Detroit. Dana specializes in maternity, newborn and baby's first year.


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