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Metro Detroit Family Photographer - Opening Summer/Fall 2016

I recently moved from Australia to Metro Detroit. We had so much carryon luggage that not even my camera made the carry on list - we had to send it in our air shipment. I really hope it arrives soon, as I am beginning to have withdrawals and I cannot imagine going through Christmas without it! Until it arrives and I can begin shooting new material again, I am using my blog to share past material.

My very last session in Australia was for a mom and baby. The first session we planned, we had to cancel at the last minute because the babe was really sick. I was bummed as I had the perfect location and in was early spring so the Aussie grass was still green and the golden hour was early enough to use for an infant and not worry about him being overtired. By the time we rescheduled the grass was dried out and the golden too late - however, he was now sitting!

Photo sessions with a sitting baby and infant are so much fun! They look at you and smile nonstop and photos from this age are simply beautiful. So many parents want 6 month photos, and unless the baby is sitting at 6 months (and from my experience most are not) I often recommend that we wait a few months until they are sitting.

Here are a handful of photos from my last Australian session with Mum and Bub.

Dana Rose Photography offers natural light photography services for newborns, infants and babies, kids, families and couples in Metro Detroit and Michigan, including, but not limited to Grosse Pointe, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Troy, Rochester Hills, Farmington, Bloomfield, Novi, Northville, Plymouth and South Lyon.

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