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Urban Flower Farms | Grosse Pointe Family Photographer

While I was living overseas, I often found myself having conversations with people about Detroit and the problem of urban decay and poverty. Of course I have no answers for the problems, but I do remember thinking that empty lots held opportunity for the city and residents with a vision. This is probably why I am completely in love with Detroit's urban farmers and flower farms. I love that the city is selling land to residence at low rates, and enabling hard working and visionary people the opportunity to make it beautiful and productive.

As a photographer, I love flowers and gardens as they allow me to add some natural color and interest to my work. Gardens are often safe place for a curious toddler to wonder and look around. I find they provide a relaxing atmosphere for intimate family portraits.

Earlier this week my muse and I ventured out to Detroit Abloom, to play around and take some test shots - and I am in love with this garden. I am evening considering organizing a summer mini session event (email me at if you would be interested in this).

My muse is normally hard to photograph, as he is really tired of my camera. But he was so excited to explore the garden, he soon forgot why we were there and was excited to see my" pretty pictures".

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